I used to be scared to express my opinion, I was scared to sound “stupid,” to be “wrong”
or to invite conflict or challenge, I was always afraid that if I was challenged, I would not
be able to back up my argument with facts,this is because a lot of what I knew came from deep within my soul, so this could not always be backed up by cold, hard facts.
Because of this, I was much more comfortable learning from others, rather than stepping into my dharma as a lady of virtue, a role model and leader, but this comfort eventually grew to discomfort, I was so uncomfortable with keeping myself small; keeping my voice hidden; keeping my truths and the power inside. I knew I was meant
for bigger things — bigger stages, bigger platforms, bigger venues, but I was not allowing myself all of this. I was terrified to stand up in front of people and voice out my truth — but now,i believe so strongly that it is time for girls,ladies,women to speak and
be heard,to lead and be followed also. I believe women hold the key to bringing our world into a greater balance and bringing back the respect for all of humanity. I believe that when we
as ladies join our hands together as sisters, we can accomplish anything.But too many
times we run away from this calling because we are scared of the bigness of it. We are scared to reveal ourselves as being that grand. We are scared to step up on the stage and be visible.
There are a lot of reasons why we are scared or want to hide,We feel shutting
up keeps us safe,keeps us from being hurt, violated, teased, mocked and disrespected,In other words, it keeps us “out of trouble.” This hiding however is starting to backfire
on us. The reason? The world is aching for feminine wisdom to come forward,the world
is starving for feminine compassion and connection,the world is begging for you, as a lady, to step forward with your voice so that you can heal our world.
As girls & ladies, it is time to listen deeply to your calling,be honest with yourselves, be open to ur feminine spirit, the Feminine is trying to speak through you. Speak, Be loud,be
heard, make that change,make a difference, be the difference.

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  • #istand4women#
  • #istand4ValueIntegrity,Modesty&Excellence #




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