Diaries Of a gurl in love


 She has been so enthusiastic and juiced up about this date that nothing could possibly make her angry today,not even her anoying kid sister Lena, Suzan couldn’t believe she has been dating Jeff for a month already,the first day they officially met,she felt her heart was gonna jump out, Jeff is “every woman’s fantasy”, he’s tall, handsome, has a job and money, nice physique, single and to cap it all a killing smile, Jeff is whimsical and mushy, I mean that guy gives that Sunday kinda love, it has been an electrifying and thrilling month for Suzan, she was already head over heels in love with Jeff, how this love started is a story for another day

What to wear, the shoes, the make up, should it be light make up since its a dinner? Or a loud one, she was over exhilarent that she couldn’t make a simple decision, just then her phone rang, OMG that smile! It was Jeff calling to let her know he just left his house and on his way to pick her up, she jumped up, picked the skimpy red dress and ran to her younger sister’s room for a simple makeup as she was specialized in crazy and loud makeup, she took those killing black high heel of hers along.

Minutes later,  when she heard a knock, Suzan practically flew downstairs and opened the door, lo and behold, her Mista handsome was there looking all cute in a suit, he gave her “that look”,  that killing look that melts a girl’s heart and memory, that look that makes a girl stupid, that when she hears happy birthday she says same to you instead of just thanks

He gave her a peck and told her how ravishing and dazzling she looked, took her to his car, opened the door and took a bow, men!!  That was it, Suzan thought, ‘if I no marry this guy eh, ah ah,where has this angel been hiding all this years when I was dying of singleness for 4 dreadful years’, Jeff started the car and they took off…….

Watch out for episode 2


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