Diaries of a gurl in love


Weeks passed and Suzan was falling more and more in love with Jeff, her mum noticed her cheerful spirit but never asked her about it.

Jeff was a secret between Suzan, Lean her kid sis and Lynette her friend. Meanwhile, Jeff was trying to explain to his mum why he wouldn’t return home that weekend, Jeff actually lied to Suzan. Yes he was an only child to a Togolese mum and a Nigerian dad but a 3rd year student in Stanford college New York.

He was charged with a rape case in school, his dad decided to send him back to Nigeria for a while to reduce the tension and chaos. He then decided to flex awhile and have fun before heading back, unfunately for Suzan, she fell into the wrong hands, becoming a victim of circumstances.

It was a Thursday, Suzan just came back home from lectures and was so so tired when her dad called, telling her to get herself and her kid sister ready, he was coming to get them to go to Ibadan for a thanksgiving service. His younger brother got promoted to Air vice marshal (AVM), so he had invited the whole family to come over to Ibadan and rejoice with them. Suzan’s dad had called their mum first to inform her about the thanksgiving but she insisted that he told the kids himself.

Suzan was reluctant at first because she hated her cousins, they were pompous, arrogant and spoilt, but she wanted to please her dad so she agreed. She called Jeff and told him she will be spending her weekend in Ibadan and will return on sunday. He was not happy as he had plans too for the weekend, his flight was for Monday.


When they had started the so-called relationship, he was just out for fun, he didn’t know Suzan will be so into him and the relationship thingy. She had established the fact that she was a virgin at 22 and was ready to continue being a “V” till she was 25. She was planning to get married at the age of 25.

Bullshit Jeff thought, as sex was the only thing he really wanted from the pretty, intelligent, funny and attractive Suzan. He told her he was okay with her going to Ibadan and he will see her the evening when she returns.


Suzan told her kid sister Leah about the weekend trip and helped her pack up.
The next day was Friday and Suzan’s mum and Dad were getting ready when Suzan returned from lectures informing them of a test coming up the next day which was Saturday. Although she hated school, she was a little bit excited about the test, she won’t have to put up with her annoying cousins for 2 days. Her dad on the other hand wasn’t happy with the news and thought she was lying so he called her level cordinator who happened to be his friend. Dr Eze. confirmed that the test was true, her mum wanted to stay back but Suzan insisted that they go. After serious convincing, Suzan’s dad agreed and her family took off.

Suzan rested and started reading for her test when Jeff called to find out if they had arrived, since they were flying. Suzan told him about the test, he was happy and told her he will soon be at her house. He said he was doing something close to her area.

Jeff showed up at 7:25 pm, Suzan served him rice and stew, they talked about alot of things and she was having real fun, only that she was too hyper-active and laughing alot. She knew she wasn’t high on drugs as she has a very light brain that can’t take even snapp which was just like 2% alcoholic. They watched a movie and were talking about her test when she discovered Jeff was all over her, touching her in an improper way.

She knew she needed to stop him or run or something, but she was too weak to do that. Before she knew what was happenening, Jeff had gone half way undressing her, telling her he had waited for this opportunity a long time ago. He told her if she truly loved him, she would lay back and allow him get what he deserves.

Cold tears were running down her cheecks, she now understood what was happening and the only word she could describe what was coming was rape…


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