The prettiest smile hides the deepest secrets……. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears…. The kindest hearts have felt the most pain…..

Behind my is a broken heart.                         Behind my laugh I’m falling apart.             Behind my eyes are tears at night.               Behind my body is a soul trying to fight

You will never know unless you wish to know…….. Unless you look closely you may never see……

This girl I am isn’t me.                                     The girl you see smiling all day.                   The girl you see laughing all the time.         Its all lies…………………..

All she ever does is cry all night.                   All is does is worry, cry,fight fruitless battles in her closet.                                          

She smiles because smiling has always been easier than explaining her sadness and sorrow, it hides it all, and for a moment, makes things better and makes the heart stronger

Today, today she chooses to be that girl no more.                                                                She chooses to let the rain wash away all the pain, the sadness, the sorrow, the grief, the loss, the heartache,the failures, the disappointments, the shame of yesterday.                                          No more scars, everything alright, everything calm

So today, I choose life, I choose to laugh, I choose to let go, I choose to smile even when am sad, to laugh as much as I breathe, to learn from my mistakes, because life is too short to be anything but happy….



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