EPISODE 5

 It’been 2 years since the rape incidence, the trauma became too much that Suzan had to open up to her mum, her dad eventually heard about it, it caused so much trouble between them, Suzan’s dad blamed her mum for being careless and too occupied with the lives of their kids, so they decided to take her to  counselling, hoping it would help. Suzan’s mum took her for a couple of sessions, it actually helped Suzan.

 Jeff didn’t give up on sending emails and messages on every social network he got opportunied to, Suzan read all the messages and replied a few as adviced by her counsellor, in order to forgive, forget and move forward. She felt better since then, though she couldn’t believe she was still in love with Jeff, she had tried to push his thoughts out of her mind, she had tried hating him much, so as to forget he ever existed but it wasn’t possible, she was glad he left though, his presence would have worsened the case, besides she had a lot to think about, like  her final paper on Friday and of cause her graduation dinner party, Suzan was gonna be a graduating  journalist, her dream career.

Suzan, Lynette and their other female friends had planned on going to the spa first thing Saturday morning to get their hair and nails done, she was really excited about that.

Suzan felt so out of the loop because all her female friends were gushing constantly about their boyfriends and dates, all Lynette talked about was how Micheal, her boyfriend’s tie matched perfectly with her dress, how he would look in his tux and how they were gonna dance all night long together, ‘the perfect couple’, Suzan thought.

She was gonna show up at her graduation dinner dateless and alone, all because of stupid Jeff! She had scared off all her male friends and prospective “toasters”, she couldn’t even dare ask any of the nice ones that still hung around to go with her as friends because they all had dates already.


“We can all go as friends you know right?” Lynette told Suzan on Friday after their last paper, “that way you won’t be all alone and dateless” continued Lynette, Suzan was reluctant at first but got persuaded by her other friends. Micheal told her it would be nice to show up with two beautiful damsels as his date, Suzan had to agree 

Saturday morning…………………

Suzan’s human hair weavon was straightened to absolute perfection, it was soft and shiny, her hands and legs were both manicured and painted, her body was waxed and her brows plucked to within an inch, something they all agreed and sworn not to experience anytime soon, they had spent a whole day and now they were all rushing home to get set and ready……..

Suzan had spent the last half hour on her makeup, listening to Lean’s instructions and also following the guide she had downloaded on Google, she felt she had a professional make up and was ready to go. 

With her hair done and her makeup in place, her dress looked even better on her than when she had tried it in the boutique, the purple gown looked really great on her light skin and she glowed with the sparkling lilac eye shadow and pink lipstick, she looked great, she knew it, hell she felt it, she hadn’t felt so normal and refreshed in ages, like the rape situation never happened.

“Well, if I’m gonna show up dateless, i’ll look pretty damn awesome doing it”, Suzan told herself firmly in front of her big mirror………. 

She sighed and started picking up her black and shiny clutch and shoe, checking herself one last time in the mirror when she heard the knock downstairs, Micheal and Lynette were quite early she thought, thank God she was ready already.

Suzan was opening her door when she heard the hot argument downstairs, she recognized the voice immediately, it was him, it had to be………………


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