Diaries of a gurl in love

                   EPISODE 6

“What is he doing here”, Suzan thought, she didn’t know what to do, to scream, to go down there and give him a dirty slap, to throw him out of the house or just walk out, get a cap and leave. Why will Jeff show up just minutes to her graduating dinner, which kind wahala is this, Suzan felt like the witches from her village were after her.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you, better leave our house now before I call my dad, leave immediately” Lean screamed

“Not until I speak with Suzan, I want to talk to her, I know she’s in here somewhere”, Jeff retorted. Lean stood glaring at him like a Lioness protecting her cub, Jeff stood there looking helpless. “Am begging you, I need to see her, please and please Lean, just a moment with her and I will be grateful”, Jeff continued. 

 Lean hesitated , Jeff pushed his way into the living room anyways, seeing Suzan, he stopped in his tracks, she was really looking lavishing, he was astonished and shocked.

Suzan’s dad came into the living room at that same moment, looking straight at Jeff he said; ” if you lay a single finger on my daughter, I will kill you with my bare hands, I will kill you I swear”, Suzan ran downstairs and intervened, she asked for a minute from her protective family, Lean hissed and went back to her room, Mr Agba turned back to his study room, leaving behind his door opened to eavesdrop and be ready, just in case. 

“Jeff !” Suzan called, half screening and glaring at him, ” what the hell are u doing here? You have some nerve showing up in my house, I thought I made it clear, I never wanted to see you again?”, Suzan shouted, not believing a single word she was saying, she was somehow glad he was there.

“Forgive me Suzan, I can’t continue like this, am dying inside, I came to make things right with you, and to make up for what I did to you, I will love to take you to your graduation dinner for a start, I won’t let you go alone, I promise never to hurt you again, it will never happen again, I care about you too much to stay away from you, am tired of doing that”.

Suzan just stood there,dumbfounded and confused, feeling beyond lost…….. She didn’t know what to say, hell she had nothing to say, she wasn’t sure if she was happy or what, to believe him or not, she was just speechless.

 Jeff came close, held her by the hand and said; ” I want to be your date, will you agree and give me a chance? To prove to you beyond reasonable doubt that I have changed for real”, with a cat-like sad face, he fixed his eyes on hers.

It was funny, plain funny, Suzan couldn’t hide her smile. “Are you serious right now?” Suzan asked.

 “Yes I am damn serious”, Jeff answered. After plenty more sorrys and pleads and explanations, Suzan agreed to let him take her, but in her mind, she was hoping she wasnt making a terrible decision, because she will hate herself for it. Suzan went in and explained everything to her dad, he wasn’t happy about her decision but told her he respects her decisions and choices, she’s was old enough to make her own decisions but she should be careful and not let herself get hurt again.  Suzan called Lynette to let her know she got a date at the last minute ,so she would meet up with them later on.

The ride to the venue was awefully quite, Suzan felt the silence was kinda nice though, Jeff reached over and his hands found Suzan’s, their fingers linking together , it felt so natural and easy like they actually fit perfectly, it sounded cliché to think that way but it was true,they did fit perfectly, even though they have totally different personalities.

” You look really gorgeous and ravishing, Suzan”, Jeff said

Suzan could not hide the smile forming on her face……. “Really?” She asked blushing, he answered her with a smile and a quick node 


There were a lot of people and cars, it was hard to notice someone, they walked in together like a couple which attracted a lot of stares, Jeff noticed that,smiled and held his hands open for her hand to slip through, they went and got a table. When they got seated and settled, Jeff started talking; “I came back weeks ago, I tried reaching out but wasn’t sure how you were going to respond , I looked for many ways to talk to you but couldn’t figure out a way, I tried Lynette, she gave me a hard time after I told her what truly happened, she later gave in and we talked at length, that was how I got to know about your graduation dinner, I had to come to clear the air and to let you know about some things. I got done with colleges 5 months ago and applied for further studies, I got an email last 2 weeks congratulating me on my admission to go for my PHD and masters in Medical Research Institute, Wuhan University, China”. 

“China?”……..like all the way out of this world?” Suzan asked with her eyes wide open

Yeah”, Jeff answered, “that is actually why I had to come see you, to tell you this and many more in person………… Suzan was shocked, she didn’t know what else to say, Jeff continued to talk, telling her he wasn’t going though, Suzan was shocked, keeping a confused face, so she asked him why he wasn’t going to accept his admission,  ” its half way around the world, I will miss my family, my friends, my life and you!” Jeff said.

“Me?” Suzan asked, staring at him

Jeff reached over and cupped her face in his hands, gently brushing his thumb over her cheek, her heart skipped a beat, “you have occupied a better part of my life, I think of you, dream of you, hell you are in my head, everything I do centers around you, I feel there’s a lot going on here and I don’t wanna loose this opportunity”, he said, he then looked into her eyes for a moment, leaned over the dinner table and kissed her incredibly soft, that sent shivers up and down her spine, and sparks through her whole body, oooooh it felt wonderful, his lips lingered on hers for a while and then he shifted his head and then his body back to his chair, remembering they were in public.

“Suzan, I know i was a complete jerk and was terrible and wicked to you, I am here to say I am greatly sorry, I am supposed to report at the school on Monday, my flight is by noon tomorrow, I don’t know how things will work out between us, I want a serious relationship with you, but I don’t want you to hold up your life because of me” he sighed and ran his hand back and forth through his black thick hair……….

 “I can wait”, Suzan said,shutting him up, “am not in a hurry, she continued,  besides I have chased away every boy and man out of my life, I have nothing to loose, I will be okay “.

There was a long silence, Suzan knew she was missing out on her dinner and awards but she was okay just being with Jeff, she wasn’t even hungry, when she was called out twice to collect her awards, she was excited but didn’t even want to leave Jeff’s side, the dinner got finished, after all the goodbyes, she left with Jeff.

They talked about the US, his school, her school and other things, when they got to her house, Jeff stooped the car and held her face and started kissing her,her heart melted, soon her fingers knotted in his hair, his hands were on her back keeping her close to him, the kiss lasted rather long, there were sparks dancing through her body, butterflies in her stomach like crazy, she felt her head and her heart ready to explode, Jeff eventually broke the kiss, he sat up slightly, pretending to adjust his car CD and the other things in the car, Suzan smiled, she knew he was just trying to be a good guy, trying not to go too far, he was really changed, Suzan thought.

“I love you, Suzan”, “I am perfectly and seriously serious about you”. 

There was a long period of silence

Jeff spoke up, ” Suzan please say something”.

“I love you too Jefferson, more than food, more than shopping, more than anything.

“And I love you too, bae, to the moon, the stars and back”, Jeff said.


Jeff then wrapped his arms around Suzan and she rested her head on his shoulder…,..,.. After like 15 minutes of silence, Suzan broke the silence.

“Do you think it will really work? I mean the long distance thingy, besides am still learning to forgive you”.


“You want an honest answer?” He sighed. “I really don’t know but one think that am sure about is the fact that I love you and you love me, we are in this together and so, it has to work”. He kissed her forhead and released her, he came out of the car, opened her door for her, took two steps backward and took a bow, she blushed as she stepped out of the car, he then lifted her up and took her to their doorstep, kissed her one last time and said goodnyt and left, he smiled as he was leaving, feeling fulfilled and thinking about tomorrow, Suzan had promised to come help him pack up , it was one of the best nights in his life, Jeff felt really excited.


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