Diaries of a gurl in love

                      EPISODE 7

  Suzan couldn’t go to sleep that night, everything felt like a dream, she was very excited, although she was alittle bit worried about Jeff leaving for China and the distant relationship thingy, she was glad he was back in her life though, she had made up her mind to take things the way they came, one step at a time. She was lost in her thoughts and didn’t know when sleep caught up with her.

Sunday morning………………….

It was 9am already, Suzan was set already to go to Jeff’s residence, she had spent all morning telling her mum and kid sister what went down the night before, skipping all the kissing  scene shah, Suzan’s mum was happy for her daughter, although warned her to be careful and not be misled and hurt.

Suzan wore her favourite top, a coral top that was almost backless, although it had straps crossing over the back, with a straight neckline and her denim jean.

Suzan arrived at Jeff’s residence, she rang the doorbell, a pretty elderly woman answered the door, it was Jeff’s mom, Suzan could see the resemblance, she now knows how he got to be cute. They exchanged pleasantries, she was really nice to Suzan, “you must be Suzan, i’ve heard so much about you, its nice to finally meet you in person, I can see why my son has been so caught up, you are really beautiful”, said Jeff’s mom. Suzan answered her, blushing all the way, Jeff’s mum directed Suzan upstairs to Jeff’s room, Suzan thanked her and went up.

  Suzan got to the room and contemplated on either knocking on his door or just opening it, after a minute thought, she decided to just open the door, and so she did. 

Jeff was lying face down on his bed, the bed has a colourful and clean sheet, the room smelt really nice, Jeff looked sexy with his dark hair and his body, he was shirtless, Suzan was overwhelmed, she has never seen Jeff this sexy, she fell more in love. 

——————————–  On seeing Suzan, Jeff swung himself up, off the bed and started walking towards her, “come here babe”, he said, hugging Suzan tightly, he brushed his lips over hers, and kissed her full on the lips, making her melt in his arms, just like yesterday. Suzan was already intoxicated, with the love, the scent of his perfume, the room’s nice scent, the clean environment and the “kiss”.

   Suzan   was now controlling the kiss, they were already making out, Jeff broke the kiss and murmured into her ears, “we can’t, I won’t, we don’t have to go into all this, I love you too much to ruin what we have going”.

    Suzan shut Jeff up with a kiss, she was surprised and felt good, “he must have really changed, saying no to sex? It was really amazing”, Suzan thought. 

“I want to go all the way, I wanna give you a goodbye gift, something to always remember me with”, Suzan said, yanking on his trouser, he giggled and started tugging on the hem of her shirt, Jeff was already in his funny boxers. At that point, Suzan wasn’t thinking straight, no thoughts, no conscience, nothing.


Jeff laid Suzan  down on his soft bed, half crushing and half supporting himself, his hands moved under her, up to her top  and pulling it up, he found the clasp on her bra Strap and pulled it off , Jeff started nibbling on her earlope and that sent Chills and Sparks through her whole body.

Suzan was lost……………………….

Jeff’s mom came knocking on his door, reminding Jeff of his flight in 40 minutes time, bringing to an end their romantic moment, Suzan and Jeff got up and started helping each other dress, laughing like kids.

They got to the airport just in time, the plane to U.S was now boarding at gate 2, Jeff has to get to the states before heading finally to China. Suzan stood there, holding on to Jeff’s hand, “be a good boy and call me the moment you land”, Suzan told Jeff, putting her arms around his neck, 

“Yes ma, I will call u as soon as I land and always, video calls, whatsapp, facebook, IMO, Viber,everywhere, cross my heart”, Jeff told her smiling, “it has to work”.

“I love you suzan”,  Jeff said kissing her forehead.

“I love you too Jeff”, Suzan told Jeff, hugging him goodbye

Suzan and Jeff’s mum kept waving till Jeff’s plane was out of his sight, soon the plane was lost into the sky. Both ladies were going to miss Jeff very much, they stood there, holding on to each other and in their minds, thinking of how they would cope without the love of their lives, missing him was going to hurt but they will both find ways to endure it. Saying goodbyes hurt…………….

                         THE  END….. 


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