So today i’m gonna be talking to a unique set of ladies, “the black girls”. So many times we’ve been treated a little different because of our colour, I lost my self esteem at a point, we’ve been bantered, ridiculed, derided and looked down upon, i’ve been called ugly, black, dark, coloured, chocolate girl etc. Well, i’ve discovered who I truly am, and today, I want to say ” I AM BLACK, I am dripping melanin and honey, I am black without apology.

Being black is an honor…..                               Because when I look in the mirror, I see strength & power, I see the courage of my ancestors.
When I look at my skin, I don’t see ugly, i See earth, the foundation of mankind.         When I look at my hair, I don’t see naps, I see gravity defying nature.

When I take long walks in the sun or listen to music, my skin and I automatically are recharged, just by me doing my favourite things.

“We don’t get red under the sun, we glow and shine brighter”.

From the colour of my skin, to the texture of my hair, to the length of my strands, to the breadth of my smile, to the stride of my gait, to the span of my arms, to the depth of my bosom, to the curve of my hips, to the glow of my skin……………………………………. My black is beautiful

It cannot be denied, it will not be contained, and only I will define it, for when I look in my mirror, my soul cries out…………………                                                My black is beautiful

Today I speak, I speak it out loud, Unabashedly, I declare it anew,                   My black is beautiful.

So my fellow ladies, put down the bleach, your skin is not dirt that needs to be cleaned like yesterday’s shirt, you are comprised of sienna, chestnut, warm mahogany, brown sugar, honey, cocoa, gold and the strength of  ten thousand moons, dark as the night sky, like rings around a tree stump, your skin shines like hot chocolate that warms winter nights. You too have history etched into your melanin, don’t let the glaring whiteness blind you from the beauty that you are.
Always remember, its so easy, it takes very little effort to be like the next person. Don’t insult yourself, be yourself, walk your walk, talk your talk. 

Be uniquely you“.                     

“A confident girl who has a strong sense of self is quite beautiful”(Stephanie Lahart).

Allow your light to shine from the inside out, self love is the greatest love of all. Respect, love, and be good to yourself, first! You matter!  You count!  You are important!

To my sisters, daughters, nieces, cousins, my colleagues, classmates, schoolmates and my friends, to all  the black girls, ladies, women all over the world, I speak for us all when I say again………………………….



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