Sombori wee not now hear word again because every geh is a slay mama/queen”.

   Girls slaying every where, my generation with the misconceptions, we hear things on the streets, we pick them and use; not everything is right, not everything is true, not everything is meant to be copied, not everything is fashion.

 Being a slay queen with zero cooking skills, zero behaviour, zero common sense, zero communication skills, zero human relationship, zero relationship with God, zero respect, zero intelligence, zero learning skills.

Life is not all about putting on make-up, human hair, dressing hot and sexy, 100% dancing / tweeking skills, 100% hooking up skills, partying/clubbing skills, and making guys/ men happy in bed.

My idea of a slay queen is first of all knowing God and having a great relationship with him,( I.e slaying spiritually), being intelligent, creative, innovative, skillful in every good way, accommodative and making great influence in your little world ( your surroundings), and the world at large. 

Be like Esther, Lydia, Mary, Ruth, Lois and Eunice,Hannah,these women were slay mamas in the bible, they made influence and touched lives. Be like OBy Ezekwesili, Folorunsho Alakija, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Joke Silva, Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala and especially Dora Akunyili. These are some of the courageous and great women in Nigeria who are making history and creating legacies, making great influences.

Don’t be remembered as that flashy girl with booty, or as that fine gurl with fine human hair, or that girl that can twerk, or waka about, or the sexy and hot, make a difference, be you, be an influence, touch lives and be a better person.

If you are not slaying to make influence, my sister you ain’t a slay queen yet, you are still a learner. Shine your eyes, be wise……..


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