This is my friend and course mate Jidauna suhunshak Audu, a 300 level student of library and information science, Faculty of education, university of Jos. He was diagnosed with end stage kidney disease since December, 2016 and was only able to commence hemodialysis on the 11 September 2017 due to lack of fund.
At this moment, he can barely afford two sessions of dialysis per week as against the conventional three that is required. However, the best form of treatment for this condition is a kidney transplant, the cost of the procedure, depending on where it is done is between 10-15 million naira.
your assistance in any way possible will enable Mr suhunshak jidauna urinate because for the past months, he’s been unable to urinate . he needs our help, financially and otherwise, prayers also is greatly needed.

His account number :0030611679
Account name: suhunskak jidauna Audu
Bank: Diamond bank
Nothing is too big, nothing is too small, God bless you as you reach out and also as you help in sharing this and soliciting.


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