Love Beyond compared

We all have a desire to be cherished and wanted, to hold someone close and to be held, to love and to be loved in return. We want to be part of the greatest love story ever told. We dream of a love like in the books and movies. I know I’ve read my fare share of Francine Rivers novels, Nicholas Sparks novels, Karen Kingsbury novels, Debra Smith novels and i’ve definitely watched almost every cheesy romance/love movie.

We have such high expectations of what we want in our relationships and how it can be perfect. We’re constantly searching for “the one” that will make everything fall into place and love us unconditionally. But often, we’re so busy searching for our earthly human love, that we miss out on the greatest love story ever told: the one with our heavenly Savior.

Before anything else,you should know that you are wanted, you are loved,you are promised, you are precious, you are valuable, you are desired for and cherished, and you are spoken for.

We didn’t ask for it, but He loves us anyway.

He is patient. He is kind. He does not envy, He does not boast, He is not proud. He does not dishonor others. He is not self-seeking. He is not easily angered. He keeps no record of wrongs. He does not delight in evil, but He rejoices in the truth. He always protects us, always trusts us, always has hope in us, and He always perseveres. He is the perfect love. He does not let you down. He loves you unconditionally no matter what you do, and he forgives

He sent His only son knowing that he would be ridiculed, mocked, betrayed, beaten, and hung on a cross to die a slow painful death all for us. He loved us so much that some of his very last words were asking for forgiveness, for our mistakes, wrongdoings, and sins. He is there when no one else seems to be, and He makes miracles happen every day. He never lets you down. He has forgiven you for everything you have done, and everything you are going to do. His mercies are made new each day.

You see, He is the perfect definition of love. His love is beyond compared, his love is unthinkable, its so so prefect. The relationship you have with our Savior is the greatest love story ever written. It trumps any book or movie out there. His love is constant and unwavering. One day you will find “the one” you’re meant to be with on Earth, but just remember that you don’t need to search relentlessly to get the greatest love story ever, because your story has already been written. You already have it. You are a part of the greatest love story that could ever be written, and if you remember that, and trust in Him, He will lead you to the perfect Earthly love you desire.

Happy Valentines day in advance.


3 thoughts on “Love Beyond compared

  1. Daya, this is a masterpiece. This presents the ideas about the grand lover in a totally attractive, pleasant, and soul nourishing manner. keep me posted. looking forward to your other works.


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